Comfortable rest by the sea

Beautiful sands, the clear water of the centre coast and numerous attractions of summer rest, it is a guarantee of unforgettable holiday in the traditional, seaside town.


Ideal place for families with children

One-storey houses, colourful playground and sea sand.
We are do everything for the convenience and safety of your children.


Holiday isn't only a rest

A volleyball court beach, numerous walking and bicycle slags,
rich tourist region, everything for these who like the activity.


Place for these value the privacy

Detached houses in the sheltered part of the town also guarantee the sufficing privacy in the summer.


"4 houses" is a small but very climatic centre available all-year-round. It consists of 4 holiday houses for 6 people and is located in Sarbinowo, the picturesque seaside town. The high standard and the luxurious equipment guarantee our guests the relaxation all through the year.

The peace and silence

Thanks to putting the town in the sheltered part of Poland, we provide the peace and the possibility of using the more secluded and less busy part of the beach for you. For the more active we offer the fifteen-minute long walk to the centre of Sarbinowo where you are able to see the beautiful renovated promenade, bordering directly with the beach and all attractions of the summer seaside resort.

Comfort and satisfaction

We invite you for the best rest in "4 Houses" - Comfort and satisfying of our guests are the most important for us.