Dear Sirs!

We would like to provide comfort and well done rest for our Guests.
We would like everyone feels like home here, therefore we ask you for respecting this place like a home of your own.

These regulations have been made in order to provide you comfortable rest and avoid any situations which could give rise to vagueness. We would like you to read and adherence to the principles being applicable in our centre. We try to do everything for the best comfort of our guests.

  1. The booking, the stay and using the houses.
  1. It is possible to make the booking of renting houses by the phone, through the e-mail or via the form on the webside
  2. A down payment equivalent of 20% of the total price to the shown banking account or by cash, in the time up to 3 days from making a booking is a confirmation of a booking in the entire term,
  3. The outstanding balance must be paid at least on the arrival day to the shown banking account or by cash
  4. In case of resignation the down payment isn't a subject to a refund
  5. The lease of the house starts at 2 p.m. on the arrival (the first day of the lease) and finishes at 11 a.m. on the departure (closing date of the lease)
  6. Towards the possible damages made during the stay as the fault of our Guests a returnable bail of the amount PLN 300 is taken at the beginning of the stay.
  7. Guests are checked in at our centre immediately after the arrival.
  8. According to the decision of the authorities of Mielno a local paid payment is taken on of the arrival.
  9. We would like to provide calm rest for our guests therefore we ask for the proper behaviour either during the day or  at night.
  10. If you make up your mind for leaving the house clean and tidy after the completion of stay, we won't calculate the payment for final cleaning.
  11. The owner of the centre doesn’t take responsibility for money and valuable things left in houses or on the area of the centre. That’s why we ask you to close with the key the house everytime you leave it.
  12. The enclosed and closed car park is available for our guests.
  13. For the the safety of our guests and the area smoking is allowed only in the places fixed especially to it. Inside houses smoking is absolutely banned.
  14. In the houses there have been put fireplaces (stoves) which are used with firewood. We pay your attention on being particularly careful while using them. Leaving the door of stoves opened and leaving the houses before the expiration of the fire in fireplaces are forbidden.
  15. In cases of breaking the rules or violating principles in the area of the centre, the Owner has the right to cancel the further lease and to demand immediate leaving the centre without the repayment of the paid payment for the stay.
  1. The playground and volleyball pitch - we ask for sensible using the attraction of our centre.
  1. The guests of the centre can use the playground and the volleyball pitch without limitation .
  2. The playground is allocated for children in the up to 12 years old.
  3. Children can stay on the playground only with the care of the adults
  4. While using the playground and the pitch, these are the adults who take care of children and bear responsibility for the safety of children and all damage casued by them.
  5. One should use devices which are put on the playground according to their intentions.
  6. Climbing up or jumping down from structural parts of the playground is forbidden (small roofs, linking beams and the like).
  7. Drinking alcohol and smoking is absolutelly banned on the playground and on the pitch.
  8. The outlined square for volleyball isn't a professional court
  9. People using the square for the game are obliged to pay extra attention on it.
  10. While using the square the guests bear responsibility for the safety and all damage caused by them.